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Marketplace Premium Estimator (Individual Plans)
This tool provides an estimate of your MONTHLY premium costs if you are purchasing individual coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace in Michigan. Premium costs will vary based on your selected metal level, the ages of the household members to be insured, and your home county. In addition, an advanced premium tax credit may be available to assist with your premium payments if you meet certain income eligibility requirements.
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Estimated Monthly Premium
Range of Monthly Estimates
Low Average High
Premium Prior to Tax Credit $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Tax Credit, if Eligible $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Premium After Tax Credit $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

About the Premium Estimator

General Limitations: The above premium estimates do not represent an offer of coverage on the Marketplace. The premium estimates are being provided as a courtesy to Michigan consumers to assist in their shopping experience. To the extent the marketplace premiums and tax credits differ from the above table, you should rely on the amounts provided by the Marketplace.

Dental Coverage: Estimates may or may not include coverage for pediatric dental. If you purchase a plan on the Marketplace that does not include pediatric dental you will also have to purchase a stand-alone dental policy. The stand-alone dental plan may also include adult coverage for an additional premium.

Tobacco Rating: Estimates exclude tobacco surcharges. If you use tobacco, your premium could be up to 18% higher.

Plan Options: The low, average, and high estimates are based on the available plans offered in the county’s rating area for the particular metal level as certified by CMS for the Marketplace as of September 26, 2013. Plans available outside the Marketplace may be lower or higher than those shown in the table. You should contact your insurance agent or carrier for more information about plans available outside the Marketplace.

Cost Sharing: A plan’s metal level is an indication of the amount of cost sharing you will be required to pay in addition to your monthly premium (see Calculator Help for a more detailed description). The determination of a plan’s metal level is based on a standard nationwide population. Your benefits relative to total health care costs may vary from the indicated metal level based on you or your family’s actual health care costs in the year. In addition, not all plans in the same metal level have identical cost sharing features. You should understand differences in out of pocket maximums, deductibles, and copays when comparing premiums between plans.

Limitations on Tax Credit Estimates: This calculator works best for households where all covered individuals will be seeking coverage through the exchange. If one or more members of your household are eligible for federal or state medical assistance (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid), the calculator will not produce accurate tax credit amounts. You should visit the Marketplace for more precise estimates.