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Rule Revisions for Natural Resources

History Revision Text RIS Admin Code

2010-039 NR

Commercial Forests
(Natural Resources , Forest Management Division)

Rules to implement the Commercial Forest Statute which provides authority to the DNR to establish and maintain commercial forests.

History Revision Text RIS Admin Code

2013-042 NR

Vessels Carrying Passengers For Hire
(Natural Resources , Law Enforcement Division)

The rules establish minimum safety standards for charter boats. Proposed amendments include: 1. Update the statutory authority for the rules. Public Act 228 of 1965 has been repealed and the rules authority is now contained in 1994 PA 451. 2. Rescinding ventilation standards and rail heights. MCL 324.44504(2) states simply that vessel ventilation and rail height shall be consistent with generally accepted and federally approved manufacturing processes. 3. Amending the rules regarding average minimum passenger weight. The rules create confusion in that U. S. Coast Guard standards for calculating average minimum passenger weight is now 180 pounds and these administrative rules state the average minimum passenger weight shall be calculated at 150 pounds. In order to be in compliance with this federal standard, R 281.3113 requires amendment to reflect the federal standard of 180 pounds.

History Revision Text RIS Admin Code

2013-043 NR

Watercraft Rented To Public
(Natural Resources , Law Enforcement Division)

History Revision Text RIS Admin Code

2013-115 NR

Mackinac Island State Park Commission - General Rules
(Natural Resources , Executive Division)

These rules govern the use and occupancy of the Mackinac Island State Park, the Historic Mill Creek State Park, and the Michilimackinac State Park. The rules provide for the protection of public enjoyment and preservation and protection of the lands and property under the control of the Mackinac Island State Park Commission against wrongful use or occupancy and protect the lands and property from depredations, preserves the lands and property from molestation, spoilation, destruction, or any other improper use or occupancy. Home | Michigan Administrative Code | ORR Contact | Office of Regulatory Reinvention
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