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Rule Revisions for Admincode R 390.1201

History Revision Text RIS Admin Code

2014-055 ED

Teacher Certification Code
(Education , Superintendent of Public Instruction)

There are currently up to 50 rule sets used by MAHS that appear at different places within the Michigan Administrative Code. The goal is to establish one set of rules to govern the practices and procedures for all administrative hearings conducted by MAHS, except to the extent different practices and procedures are established for specific types of hearings. The proposed rules will amend the hearing process in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act. The new rule set will allow the regulated community, the regulators, representative attorneys and the general public easier access to obtain a copy of all rules that are applicable to them during the administrative hearing process by putting them in one place. Home | Michigan Administrative Code | ORR Contact | Office of Regulatory Reinvention
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