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Rule Revisions for Admincode R 340.1701

History Revision Text RIS Admin Code

2013-116 ED

Special Education Programs and Services
(Education , Superintendent of Public Instruction)

The purpose of these rules is to clarify and complement state and federal laws that apply to the education of children and students with disabilities. These rules extend state and federal laws and their implementing regulations necessary to fill gaps in federal language, clarify language, or delineate time lines for particular requirements. The rules are being revised in order to incorporate currently used terms and law numbers to protect the rights of students with disabilities by: 1. Aligning Michigan administrative rules with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and its implementing regulations, 2. Providing consistency with other state offices and departments, and 3. Clarifying inconsistencies with other rules or regulations. Home | Michigan Administrative Code | ORR Contact | Office of Regulatory Reinvention
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